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Product Sales

Supply of new and legacy parts, systems and networks, we can find those ‘difficult to find parts’

Product Sales

Nova Incepta can supply a wide and diverse range of telecoms products.  We offer new equipment through our partnership with Ericsson and also we pride ourselves with the ability to find those ‘difficult to find parts’ from the legacy wireline, wireless and radio systems.

As technologies have changed, vendors have struggled to maintain the existing installed bases and in some cases those vendors have now disappeared in take-overs which can have negative consequences for operators wishing to extend the lifecycle of their assets.  This coupled with obsolescence issues can make certain parts extremely hard to find. 

Our team differentiate ourselves from other suppliers as we are all from telecoms backgrounds having worked in vendors, operators and service providers.  This gives us the understanding to deliver the best solution for your needs, and ensure we do so with the highest quality products.

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