Nova   Incepta   is   an   established   UK   Telecoms   Engineering   Consultancy,   with   customers across the globe. Nova    Incepta    prides    itself    on    providing    a    proven    range    of    Engineering,    Marketing, Operations, Regulatory and Sales Consultancy Services to the global telecoms industry. Below are just some of the areas in which we offer our specialist services: Network Transformation Fibre To The Home Network Interconnect Network Optimisation and Security Legacy Technology Support Training and Education
Registered in England with Number: 05910429. Registered in Saudi Arabia with CR Number: 1010257713
Tel: +44 0208 529 0631 email: contact @ Nova Incepta
These   solutions   are   all   designed   to   give practical   support   to   network   operators, from design to problem solving
Nova Incepta Limited Delivering Communications through Experience
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